Butane Torches FAQ

What's a good torch for dabbing?

A suitable butane torch for heating your quartz banger or Titanium nail will have a decent sized flame of around 4-6 inches and hold a good amount of butane so it doesn’t run out too quickly. There are many different torches available from budget conscious torches starting at under $50 and every dabber’s favourite the Japanese madeBlazer Big Shot GT-8000.

Can you use a mini torch for dabs?

While you might be able to bring the quartz banger or nail up to temp with a mini torch it will take much more effort than what it is worth, be aware that not all mini torches will have the power to heat up your favourite concentrate nail. A real butane torch will have your banger or nail heated in a flash compared to minutes trying to use a small torch.

How big of a torch do you need for dabs?

A good sized torch is one that is comfortable to hold in your hand while you use it and has a big enough flame to be useful in heating up your favourite quartz banger. A torch with a flame size of around 4-6 inches will produce the best results.

How do you fill a butane torch?

We strongly suggest referring to the instruction manual that came with your torch as there are many variables when filling a torch such as the port hole size, ambient temperature and quality of the butane required. We always suggest filling your torch with the best butane you can get your hands on as this is a major factor in how well your torch will work, a butane that has been refined many times.

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