Vibrant Glass Designs

Glass blowing is a form of art, and HVY Glass has truly perfected the art. They utilize fumed and cane glass techniques to create simply elegant, absolutely breathtaking bongs that stun and delight. The colors that are featured in their glass creations are so vibrant and incredibly detailed that they literally turn heads. The delicate swirls of hues that are featured in each and every bong, along with the blown-glass details that they’re adorned with, make HVY Glass bongs a leader in the top-shelfbongmarket. They have put their own stamp on the glass bong industry by the one-of-a-kind glassblowing techniques that incorporate bold colors to craft truly awe-inspiring glass pieces that are undeniably gorgeous and that are instantly identifiable. Even from afar, you’ll have no doubt that you’re looking at anHVY Glass-crafted bong.

The glass pieces that HVY offers are hand-blown by master artisans. They keep the production of their bonds limited, which not only helps to ensure the manufacture always delivers premium-quality products. As such, HVY Glass products frequently run out of stock or go out of production; therefore, as soon as you find one that you love, don’t delay your purchase; otherwise, there’s a chance that you could end up regretting your decision, as you may never find it again. Each and every piece is uniquely designed, so no two bongs are ever the same.

HVY Glass Bongs

Are you on the hunt for a high-quality glass smoking piece? If so, you’ll find no shortage of options to choose from, and while choice is certainly a good thing, it has to be said that some brands are better than others. If you really want to make the most of your smoking experience, then you’re going to want to make sure you select a top-quality brand, and HVY Glass is one of the best of the best. What sets HVY Glass over other manufacturers? Let’s take a look.

Collection: HVY Glass Bongs


HVY Glass have been manufacturing glass products since 1999 in Los Angeles, California. HVY glass create a wide range of smoking products including but not limited to glass water pipes, bubblers and concentrate rigs. All of their products are made in the USA from high quality glass that is either sourced from Europe or directly in the USA. The range from HVY glass is some of the most colourful and diverse available in today’s market, not only do they supply a modern line-up but also a fantastic old-school range. Beefy’s Bongs are an authorized dealer of HVY Glass.


Where are HVY glass bongs made?

HVY Glass Bongs are made in California, USA.

A Brief History of HVY Glass Bongs

Based in the sunny climbs of the South Bay region of Los Angeles, California, HVY Glass has been producing premium-quality glass smoking accessories for more than a decade. While the company isn’t quite as established as other manufacturer’s such as Mav Glass, they have certainly made a name for themselves and in though they are relatively young, HVY Glass has become regarded as one of the best glass smoking brand accessories on the market.

The company’s claim to fame is their one-of-a-kind designed bongs, complete with a signature lineup of colours, which immediately turns heads. Aesthetic appeal isn’t all that HVY is noted for; they’re also regarded for creating thoughtful designs that generate smooth hits, enhance the flavor profile of the herb that’s burned in the bowl, and makes the smoking experience all the more enjoyable.

HVY Glass is committed to offering the finest quality products, and that commitment really shows, as they use only the finest quality glass, including American borosilicate and German Schott. When the manufacturer’s lineup first came onto the scene, it was only offered in brick-and-mortar stores, as HVY Glass really values local businesses, and so they prioritised the distribution of their products to bong shops. 

While supporting local businesses is certainly a wonderful thing, only being available at small physical locations limited the availability of HVY Glass products to those who could were lucky enough to be able to find and access a shop that carried their products. Plus, it was kind of difficult to get in touch with the company if a replacement was needed. As demand for their products grew, HVY Glass listened to their customers and joined forces with online bong shop retailers, such as Beefy’s Bongs Australia who were the first business to bring the HVY range of products to the Australian public. This making their lineup of products much easier for smokers across the United States and internationally to purchase their uniquely designed, smooth hitting, and simply stunning bongs.

Presently, there is an impressive collection of HYV Glass bongs, which range in shape and style. Examples of some of the fine-quality products they offer include beakers, bubble bases, and straight tubes. No matter they style, all of the pieces that HVY Glass creates are thoughtfully designed and are made of durable, thick-walled glass, ensuring reliable, long-lasting use. In fact, HVY Glass products are so incredible that they have become one of our best sellers here at Beefy’s.