Collection: Matrix Percolator Bongs

Are you having a tough time choosing the right percolator system for your next bong? If you've ever ripped on a glass bong with a perc, you'll instantly notice the difference over a traditional non-percolated model.

Matrix Percolator FAQ

So, what makes a percolator so special? How does it work? What are the differences between the types of percs, and is a matrix perc the best choice for your bong?

Matrix percolators perform the same function like every other perc. They help to force the smoke to travel through water, filtering it. The hyper-filtration of the smoke passing through the water reduces the heat and rough feel of the smoke, allowing for a smooth, clean, flavourful rip.

The primary benefits of a perc on your bong include the following.


When the smoke leaves the bowl, heading to the water, it can be extremely hot, depending on the lighting system – torches burn significantly hotter than lighters. The water slows the smoke's path to your lungs, smoothing it out while removing impurities – that's why the water gets dirty.


The filtration also hydrates the smoke, making it smooth and satisfying instead of harsh. If you're tired of choking on a bong, then try one with a perc, and you'll feel the difference.

The matrix perc is a hybrid between the disc and showerhead perc systems. It takes the appearance of two disk percs stacked on each other, with holes and slits on the bottom and top, offering optimal filtration of the smoke.

However, we feel that the matrix perc is more for a finer smoking experience where you're taking gentle rips. The added filtration requires a slower rip to enjoy the dual-filtration functionality of the system. Still, if you're looking for the best system to enhance the flavour and aroma of the smoke, you can't beat the matrix perc.

Matrix percs can be found in ash catchers, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, water pipes and even on the end of some downstems.