Collection: 14mm Cone Pieces

14mm glass cone pieces are the most popular and widely used size of glass cones and bowls in the world and here at Beefy’s Bongs Australia we have an extensive collection of 14mm cone pieces to suit all tastes and styles. We stock a great range of budget standard cones with small holes that most Australians prefer to the most outlandish range of American made Empire Glassworks realistic pieces.

14mm bowls can also be referred to as 14.5mm and SG14 and even though they have different names they are all actually the same size. The 14mm refers to the size of the ground joint as has nothing to do with the holding capacity or shape of the actual cone (bowl).

14mm Glass Cones FAQ

Is a Bowl a cone?

Yes a bowl is a cone, in general most Australians refer to them as cones and the North Americans refer to them as bowls and this can cause confusion between the nations.

Is my cone / bowl 14mm or 18mm?

To determine the correct size of your cone / bowl, downstem or bong, please refer to our "Glass Grinding Sizes Guidehere. Here you will learn how to measure and identify the correct size of your glass ground joints.If you need help determining the correct size products that you require please refer to our "Glass Grinding Sizes Guide" here.

How much does a bong cone piece cost?

Our glass cone pieces start at under $10 for our budget range of glass cones / bowls and increase in price for our premium higher end pieces.