Discover the Dangers: The Importance of Cleaning Your Bong

What are the health risks of not cleaning your bong? read more in our article below.


Collection: Bong Cleaning Accessories

Beefy’s Bongs provide a wide range of cleaning products to keep your bongs, pipes, grinders, vaporizers, and spare parts clean. With the proper cleaning and maintenance, you can increase the life of your smoking equipment and accessories.
Use our selected bong cleaners which are suitable for all bong materials such as glass, metal, silicone, and plastic to keep your bong fresh and clean. In addition, we provide tools including brushes, cleaning caps and plugs to make sure you can reach all the corners where are hard to reach. Moreover, our various pipe cleaners can assist you to remove the residue in narrow pipes.

Bong Cleaning FAQ

How can I stop my bong getting so dirty?

There are a few tips help you to avoid making your bong dirty:

  • Use Piece water solution: With an advanced cleaning technology, Piece Water Solution is a 100% natural and non-toxic proprietary blend of mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts. The ingredients of Piece Water Solution create natural smoke traps to trap the particles in the liquid instead of attaching to the glass as well as prevent the formation of resin build up.
  • Use ash catchers: They are an additional accessory helping you capture ash and tar before entering your bong, which allows your bong to stay cleaner for longer.