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Zenit 500ml Straight Ice 'White

Zenit 500ml Straight Ice 'White

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The Zenit collection consists of exquisitely crafted glassware, all meticulously handmade in Germany. This particular piece showcases ice notches, allowing you the choice to enhance your smoking experience with ice for a remarkably smooth sensation. Every item in this range is meticulously created using high-quality German glass and precise computer aided systems to guarantee exceptional standards. These products serve as excellent companions for daily use, as they boast remarkable durability and impeccable craftsmanship.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Zenit
  • Height: 370mm*
  • Diameter: 51mm*
  • Wall Thickness: 3mm*
  • Joint: 18.8mm ground joint
  • Ice Pins/Notches: YES
  • Shot/Carb Hole: NO
  • Label: White*
  • Stem: 18mm
  • Cone/Bowl: 18mm
  • Manufactured: Germany


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