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Toker Poker

Toker Poker Silver - Limited Edition

Toker Poker Silver - Limited Edition

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Toker Poker Silver - Limited Edition


Poke it. Pack it. Puff it. Pass it. is the Toker Poker company slogan. It is a versatile ergonomic lighter sleeve with all the necessary tools that any smoker will need. Any standard Bic lighter will fit straight in. It comes equipped with a stainless steel fold out poker to help with congestion and a tamper tool that can be used to either pack or to help along those stubborn cherries. As well as being able to hold 5 feet of hemp wick which is securely held in place with the fold out poker.

Soulfully Designed by Tokers like you.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Toker Poker
  • Colour: Silver (New silver colour)
  • Stainless Steel Poker
  • Fold in Stainless Steel Tamper
  • Fits regular sized Bic lighter*
  • Holds 5 feet of hemp wick*
  • All-inclusive smokers tool

*Hemp wick and lighter NOT included!

**Bic lighters with a plastic wrap over the outside will not fit.

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