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SPLIFF Purple Aluminium Grinder 63mm - 4 part

SPLIFF Purple Aluminium Grinder 63mm - 4 part

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This Spliff aluminium grinder is designed with four separate parts and includes an 80 micron pollen screen. It also includes a compartment for collecting pollen, as well as a scraping tool. The CNC machined teeth make grinding quick and easy, requiring only a few turns to achieve the desired consistency.

The grinder's lid is magnetized, ensuring a secure attachment to the body.

Spliff branded grinders are constructed from durable aluminium using CNC machining, ensuring their strength and longevity. They also feature a nylon ring that allows for smooth grinding, providing a consistent experience every time.

The anodised colours not only enhance the grinder's exterior appearance, but also contribute to its durability, ensuring years of reliable service.

Product Details:

  • Brand: SPLIFF
  • Diameter: 63mm 
  • Parts: 4
  • Screen: 80 Micron
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Nylon Friction Ring: Yes
  • Colour: Purple
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