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Silicone Cleaning Caps - Green

Silicone Cleaning Caps - Green

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This Silicone Cleaning Cap set will fit a range of waterpipes, there are three different caps included, that will fit the mouthpiece and female ground joints on a rage of products. They are used as an aid for cleaning your glass, it is also great to use for transporting your glass to help keep the smell and moisture inside. The silicone is stretchy and will be able to fit over a variety of products.

Cap 1: Suitable for larger mouthpieces.
Cap 2: Suitable for smaller mouthpieces, dab rigs etc.
Cap 3: Suitable for female ground joints.

**This will not fit all products, please check the measurements supplied and the measurements of your glass before ordering.** 

Product Details:

  • Cap 1
  • Diameter: 33mm* (Inner)
  • Diameter: 71mm* (Outer)
  • Cap 2
  • Diameter: 21mm* (Inner)
  • Diameter: 45mm* (Outer)
  • Cap 3
  • Diameter: 14mm* (Inner)
  • Diameter: 33mm* (Outer)
  • Material: Silicone
  • Colour: Mixed


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great product, swift response time when purchasing and very quick postage! Thankyou!!

Super handy

These are so good for soaking your rig, or shaking it with iso or whatever. Great product. Bout time I found these like this