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Silicone Cleaning Caps - Black

Silicone Cleaning Caps - Black

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Is it time to clean your bong or rig already? Avoid burning your fingers with hot water when closing the holes with these silicone cleaning caps.

These caps come in a pack of three to fit most sizes of bongs and dab rigs. Use the plugs to seal the glass joint and mouthpiece and shake away the resin on the glass without worrying about an accident occurring.

These silicone cleaning caps are ideal for maintenance and storing your glass, preventing dust from entering the pipe.

Cap 1: Suitable for larger mouthpieces.
Cap 2: Suitable for smaller mouthpieces, dab rigs etc.
Cap 3: Suitable for female ground joints.

**This will not fit all products, please check the measurements supplied and the measurements of your glass before ordering.** 

Product Details:

  • Cap 1
  • Diameter: 33mm* (Inner)
  • Diameter: 71mm* (Outer)
  • Cap 2
  • Diameter: 21mm* (Inner)
  • Diameter: 45mm* (Outer)
  • Cap 3
  • Diameter: 14mm* (Inner)
  • Diameter: 33mm* (Outer)
  • Material: Silicone
  • Colour: Black


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