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RAW Masterpiece Rolls with Pre-Rolled Tips

RAW Masterpiece Rolls with Pre-Rolled Tips

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RAW Masterpiece Rolls with Pre-Rolled Tips

Product Details:

  • Length: 3 Meters 
  • Brand: RAW
  • Material: Hemp
  • Natural gum strip
  • Ultra-thin
  • Dimensions: 3m long x 55 mm wide
  • Tips: 30 x Pre Rolled Tips
  • Made in Alcoy, Spain
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Customer Reviews

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Very fun

Very cool! If you enjoy the art of rolling joints or want to roll up a huge doink to share with some mates, the rolls papers are a worthy purchase. Honestly, rolling up a 30cm fatty is so much fun. Only complaint is the filter tips are quite wide and have a large amount of space for the legal herb to fall through into your mouth while smoking. I haven't actually used any of the pre rolled tips yet, but I imagine the herb near the filter end of your joint couldn't be ground too much or else it would all fall through the filter.