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Quartz Terp Slurper Pill

Quartz Terp Slurper Pill

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A Quartz Terp Slurper Pill is a tool used in dabbing to enhance the vaporization of concentrates. It is placed in the middle chamber of a terp slurper banger and helps to evenly distribute and vaporize the dab. As you inhale, the pill spins around the chamber, pushing the concentrate towards the walls and creating a larger cloud and more flavourful experience.

 #Designed to work with Terp Slurper Quartz Bangers.

Product Details:

  • Material: Quartz
  • Length: 14mm*
  • Diameter: 5mm*
  • 1 x Quartz Terp Pill

**Quartz banger and carb cap 'NOT' included.

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