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Quartz Carb Cap and Dabber

Quartz Carb Cap and Dabber

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Quartz Carb Cap and Dabber


These Quartz Carb Caps fit most 4mm quartz bangers and include the added benefit of an included dabber attached to the carb cap. This is a great way to achieve that lucrative low temp dab. Quartz is a great way to achieve a very clean tasting dab while allowing you to view the entire procedure.

*When using as dabber, hold product by the shaft(dabber) and not by the cap. Otherwise undue stress is added to the weld. We also recommend "NOT" using the shaft/dabber part of the product to lift or place the cap.

Quartz banger 'NOT' included.

This product does 'NOT' fit core reactor bangers.

Product Details:

  • Material: Quartz
  • Height:  95 mm (total)
  • 1 x Quartz Carb cap

*As these products are handmade and may have slight variations, we are unable to determine if this will fit your product. If purchasing a cap and banger from us at the same time we will make sure they are a compatible fit.

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Customer Reviews

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Carb Cap With Dabber

The Dabber broke off the first time i used it.