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Puffco Proxy Adapter Male 14mm

Puffco Proxy Adapter Male 14mm

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The Puffco Proxy Adapter is a convenient accessory for the Puffco Proxy vaporizer. It allows you to use your Proxy with a glass water pipe, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. The adapters are designed to fit the genuine Puffco Proxy perfectly, ensuring a secure and seamless connection. Simply insert your proxy core into the adapter, load your preferred material into the chamber, and let the Proxy do its magic. You can then enjoy smooth hits from your favourite water pipe, regardless of its design. Our adapters are versatile and compatible with various water pipes, making it easier for you to incorporate Puffco technology into your smoking routine.

Product Details:

  • Model: Puffco Proxy Adapter - Full Weld
  • Material: Quartz
  • Size: 14 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm*
  • Diameter:  38 mm* (Internal)
  • Diameter: 44 mm* (External)
  • Joint: Male
  • Angle: 90° *
  • Height: 70 mm* (Total)
**Puffco Proxy NOT included.
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