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Plaisir Glass Cone 14mm Large

Plaisir Glass Cone 14mm Large

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Plaisir Pure Glass Cone 14.5mm Large


This a high quality glass cone produced by Plaisir, they provide a great fit that is smooth and also very air tight. This is Plaisir's glass bowl that is most suited to the average Australian due to the size and shape of the cone along with the size of the hole.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Plaisir
  • Joint: 14.5mm (SG14)
  • Hole: 3-4mm*
  • 1 x glass bowl included
  • Made in Germany


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
great cone, but the stem broke

stem is not as tough as the bowl, so be gentle with it. I dropped mine about a foot onto a tile and a chip broke off. Its still usable. Perfect in every other way. Too big to pull in one hit.


Thick, easy to keep clean and good bowl and hole size.

Mitch Fay
Cheap and Effective

You guys, if you like ripping cones, this is a wonderful cone to buy. It's big - if you're smoking without mix it's a large hit. I downgraded from this large one to the regular size, which is a lot of fun. The 'Medium' size really isn't very different to this one. If you're smoking with mix it's probably the perfect size. It doesn't exactly feel sturdy, but it's certainly not flimsy either! Great buy for the price.