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Plaisir Glass Cone 14mm

Plaisir Glass Cone 14mm

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This top-notch glass cone manufactured by Plaisir, offering a superbly snug fit and excellent air tightness. Plaisir's glass bowl is the best design to cater to the needs of most average Australian smokers, thanks to its ideal size, cone shape, and appropriately sized hole.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Plaisir
  • Model: Small 14mm Glass Cone
  • Joint: 14.5mm (SG14)
  • Hole: 3-4mm*
  • Made: Germany

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shane A
14mm Plaisir Cone Small

Nice and small about the size of a small brass cone
Is my second one someone liked it better than i did

Perfect Plaisir products

This cone is a perfect size for people with normal size lungs. This is the second cone i have bought since I broke the original that came with my bong and i will not need to buy another as they don't get better than this. I personally would like the hole 1mm larger. The hole in the cone at the moment is 3mm, which is probably a much better size, because more herb will burn be for disappearing, meaning less herb will be wasted.
Either way you will be stoked with this cone or any Plaisir product.
You will not be disappointed.

Hole too large !!!

Great quality piece, but like most glass I have come across the hole is too large.. Almost 4mm. Designed for euros who like a large hole.. It's a shame because the size/volume is very close to a normal brass cone.. Unlike most bowls, that are large enough u can put your weet bix in. There isn't any annoying flat pieces at the bottom either.. True cone piece.. If this came with a 2-2.5mm hole, and a handle, it would be the best piece ever for regular Aussies ...!!!

"Hello and thank you for your review, this is just a quick follow up to inform you that we have now measured the holes on this product accurately. The largest hole was 3.2 mm and was measured using a Taper Gauge."


Top performer

I've gone through many cones in a costly trial and error process, ranging from budget to higher end manufacturers. The bowl size is excellent, being roughly around the same size as large Bonza cones. The ground joint is 100% air tight, allowing for smooth pulls. This has been the easiest cone to clean yet, only taking a fraction of the time that I've spent cleaning others.

I really cannot recommend this cone highly enough