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Storz & Bickel

Mighty Mouthpiece Set

Mighty Mouthpiece Set

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 By acquiring a set of 4 brand new mouthpieces, you can rest assured that your vaping experience will always be clean, hygienic, and full of flavor. These Mighty Mouthpieces are authentic products from Storz & Bickel that fit perfectly and are made of the same high-quality medical grade plastic as your Mighty, ensuring optimal flavor and hygiene. If your mouthpiece is cracked, dirty, or not sealing properly, you may not be getting the most effective vapor possible and could even be at risk of bacteria developing in your device. With 4 mouthpieces, you can replace them regularly or use individual mouthpieces when sharing your device with friends to ensure the best hygiene for all users.

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Storz and Bickel
  • Model: Mighty Mouthpiece Set
  • Fits: Mighty
  • Genuine: Yes
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