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Mathematix Glass

Mathematix Glass - Bent Neck Crossperc Bubbler

Mathematix Glass - Bent Neck Crossperc Bubbler

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Mathematix Glass - Bent Neck Crossperc Bubbler


The Mathematix Glass - Bent Neck Crossperc Bubbler is a scientific glass rig standing 21cm tall and featuring a grindless/smooth female 14.5mm joint. It has five crosspercs which create a fantastic diffusion experience during your sessions. Hosting a great looking Mathematix label in Aqua, black and white it also includes math symbols on both the neck piece and base finishing off the look in true Mathematix style. It comes with both a grindless glass snapper bowl and a male quartz banger allowing the piece to be used for both herbs and or concentrates. All Mathematix glass is made in California, USA. Mathematix puts all of their glass through a host of tests to ensure only quality products are supplied.


Product Details:

  • Brand: Mathematix Glass
  • Colour: Clear*
  • Label Colour: Aqua*
  • Height: 21cm to top of mouthpiece (Approximately)*
  • Height: 17cm to top of bowl(Approximately)*
  • Percolator: Reinforced Crossperc x 5
  • Glass thickness: 5mm
  • Joint size: 14.5mm (Female)(Grindless/smooth)
  • Body Diameter Ø: 50mm
  • Base Diameter Ø: 95mm
  • Mouthpiece Diameter Ø: 32mm
  • Glass snapper cone/bowl included (Male)(Grindless/smooth)
  • Quartz banger (Male)(Grindless/smooth)
  • Made in California, USA

*All Mathematix Glass products are handmade so there may be some variants in the height and appearance of the worked colours and labels.

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