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King Palm

King Palm Super Slow Burning Wraps - Slim 25 Pack

King Palm Super Slow Burning Wraps - Slim 25 Pack

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The market is moving to tobacco-free alternatives for blunt wraps, and King Palm is leading the way.

These wraps feature Cordia palm leaves, providing you with a clean-burning blunt wrap that doesn’t take away from the flavour and aroma of your favourite legal dry herbs.

These organic wraps are pesticide and fertilizer free, non-GMO, and 100% organic. The wraps burn slow, reducing waste and you get a cornhusk filter included, along with a packing tool for building your blunt.

This 25 pack of King Palm Wrap Slims are great value and will give you 25 smooth wonderful experiences.

These wraps are available in various sizes and in pack varieties to suit your smoking needs. Try a King Palm wrap, and you’ll never look back.

Product Details:

  • Brand: King Palm
  • Size: Slim
  • Flavour: Natural 
  • Tobacco: FREE
  • Nicotine: FREE
  • Capacity: 1.25 grams*
  • 1 x Wooden packing tool
  • 25 x Wraps (Blunts)
  • 1 x Boveda 62% packet


Not to be used with tobacco or illegal substances, they are only to be used with legal herbs.

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