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King Palm

King Palm Mini 2 Pack Watermelon Wave

King Palm Mini 2 Pack Watermelon Wave

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This King Palm Mini 2 Pack Watermelon Wave tastes delicious, giving your next blunt that fruity, fresh, tropical taste. King Palm wraps are tobacco-free, containing no nicotine. You get a smooth, slow-burning wrap that doesn’t intrude on the taste and aroma of your legal smoking blend in the wrap.

King Palm uses genuine Cordia leaf in its wraps, giving you a totally different smoking experience from the traditional tobacco-based blunt wrap. Try a King Palm, and you’ll understand why it's becoming the number one blunt wrap brand online.

We have a wide range of King Palm flavours available at Beefy’s Bongs Australia.

Product Details:

  • Brand: King Palm
  • Size: Mini
  • Flavour: Watermelon Wave
  • Tobacco: FREE
  • Nicotine: FREE
  • Capacity: 1 gram*
  • 1 x Wooden packing tool
  • 2 x Wraps (Blunts)


Not to be used with tobacco or illegal substances, they are only to be used with legal herbs.

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