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IGNITE XL Cotton Swabs

IGNITE XL Cotton Swabs

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IGNITE XL Cotton Swabs are a great product to help keep your quartz clean and fresh and come directly from the same factory as other XL mop brands.

Keep your glass in pristine condition with these Ignite XL cotton swabs for your rig or bong. These swabs feature design and construction with natural cotton harvested from sustainable sources for an eco-friendly product. Made from bamboo and cotton and shaped like a spearhead allowing you to get right in there to clean up any residue.

The XL dab swabs are highly absorbent, removing all leftover resin and oils traces from your rig, bowl, or quartz nail. The proprietary filtration design of the fibres in the swabs allows for ultimate absorption while preventing scratching of your glass or quartz.

These swabs are ideal for cleaning your downstems, bowl, pre-coolers, and joint accessories and most importantly your quartz bangers. We also have a full range of bong cleaning materials available to keep your glass looking great.

Product Details:

  • Brand: IGNITE
  • Material: Cotton
  • Quantity: 300 per pack

What are IGNITE XL Cotton Swabs used for?

IGNITE XL Cotton Swabs are unbeatable in their effectiveness. Without them, you may encounter issues such as leftover oil residue, oxidation, or the irritating cotton fibers left behind by inferior Q-Tips. By incorporating XL Cotton Swabs into your routine and using them after each dab, you can effectively prevent oxidation. Embrace the power of IGNITE XL Cotton Swabs and preserve the pristine condition of your special banger, avoiding any chazzing up.

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