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Grace Glass

Grace Glass UFO Perc '7mm

Grace Glass UFO Perc '7mm

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Grace Glass UFO Perc '7mm


The Grace Glass UFO Perc is made out of 7mm durable heat proof borosilicate glass. Standing 50cm tall and it has a down tube diameter of Ø 50mm. Featuring a Honey Comb and UFO to help cool the smoke to create a smoother experience. It also features a dome splash guard and ice notches giving you the option to add ice cubes to further cool the smoke for the ultimate experience.

Product Details:

  • Height: 500mm (approximately)
  • Wall thickness: 7mm
  • Diameter: Ø 50mm
  • Joint: 18.8mm ground joint (stemless)
  • Percolator 1: Honey Comb
  • Percolator 2: UFO
  • Ice notches/pins
  • Shot/Carb hole: NO
  • Black Label
  • Cone/bowl included (18.8mm)
  • Fixed downstem
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Quality and service

Oi this Billy is pretty sick. I'm frothing, it's so much thicker then what I expected. The only thing I'm worried about is cleaning this puppy with multiple percs it's not going to be easy also the stock cone piece is massive and I was very lucky Beefys hooked me up with a second on.
Service was awesome and dilivery was within a week of ordering.
As far as bong service goes this was second to none.
Cheers Beefys

Such hits, Very smooth, Wow

This bong is an utter beast, hits are smooth as heck. The thickness pretty much makes this piece a deadly weapon that'd be hard to break.

Only negative things I could say is the stock cone has a huge hole that would require a mesh, but other then that this is a great rig!