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Grace Glass

Grace Glass Pre Cooler 'Black SG14

Grace Glass Pre Cooler 'Black SG14

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Grace Glass Pre Cooler 'Black SG14


Grace Glass Pre-Cooler with a 14.5mm precision joint. These bottle shaped pre-coolers feature a showerhead percolator and come with a cone piece included. They are a great way to reduce some of the nasties created during smoking. In addition to reducing tar and carcinogens they will also help to keep your bong cleaner for longer.  

The Grace Glass Pre-Cooler will fit any glassware with a standard SG14 (14.5mm) ground joint.

Product Details:


  • Brand: Grace Glass
  • Height: 150mm (Approximately)
  • Diameter Ø: 50mm
  • Joint 1: 14.5mm (SG14) size
  • Joint 2: 14.5mm (SG14) size (cone/bowl)
  • Percolator: Showerhead
  • Logo: Black
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Cone included
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