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Grace Glass

Grace Glass Milky' Spiral Perc Beaker

Grace Glass Milky' Spiral Perc Beaker

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Grace Glass Milky ‘Black & White Beaker


This is one of the latest Grace Glass bongs to be released. Standing 39cm tall this elegant looking white and black glass bong is a sturdy feeling piece with the added features of a spiral percolator, dome splash guard and ice notches. It comes complete with a glass stem and cone as well as a rubber stopper for the carb hole.


Product Details:

  • Height: 390mm (approximately)
  • Wall thickness: 4mm
  • Diameter: Ø 50/44mm
  • Joint: 18.8mm ground joint
  • Stem Length: 11 cm (approximately)
  • Ice notches/pins
  • Shot/Carb hole
  • Black Label
  • Stem and cone included

*Stem may be supplied without logo, the bowl may vary from image supplied.

**Please be aware that glass bongs and water pipes with enlarged sections such as beakers and the like will always be thinner in these areas than the stated thickness measurement provided. (All measurements provided by manufacturers’) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent design and effectiveness; one downside.

The product is superb and the spiral perculator is a lot better than the tree arm Percs I am used to. Great size and weight. Only problem was that the nice looking cone piece that came with the bong had a huge hole (I assume it's American designed for people who smoke nugs and don't chop) which made it impossible to use even though it came with gauzes; it's not as enjoyable to smoke. It's often a gamble with the size of the cone piece while because it is rarely specified or shown before shipped. Fortunately enough however the small bag of free goodies that came with the product contained a cone piece that had a much smaller hole, perfect for Aussie cones. So overall I am extremely satisfied with the product and this site will be my top pick from now on simply because of the free goody bag that both made my purchase worthwhile and gave my partner and I some good nibbles including the very nostalgic hard candy and warheads! Excellent idea! Cheers guys

Best peice of glassware I've smoked from.

Quick delivery and an awesome toke, can keep packing, no matter what this thing is like ripping cold silk, big enough for my lungs but not so big that it takes a while to clear it. Splash gaurd works like a charm, a lot more reliable than most. Cleaning is pretty simple too, however I'd be keeping on top of it as those spirals are a good spot for tar to accumulate. Great looking glass, sturdy, and an awesome rip, highly recommend to rookies and seasoned connoisseur's of smoke alike!

Awesome piece

I ordered this late on a Tuesday night and I got it by Monday. Really quick delivery, and the package was wrapped with so much bubble wrap it'd be impossible to damage it. I haven't used it just yet because I have to clean it first, but just from holding it and looking at it, the glass seems like great quality. It's really nice and thick. The bowl is really large and open, so if you want to use the original one you may need some screens, but I also received a cute little Black Leaf bowl.