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Beefy's Bongs

Glass Beaker 7mm - 30cm

Glass Beaker 7mm - 30cm

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Product Details:

  • Colour: Clear
  • Height: 310mm*
  • Diameter Ø: 50mm* (Neck)
  • Diameter Ø: 135mm* (Base)
  • Wall thickness: 7mm*
  • Joint: 18mm*
  • Carb/Shot Hole: NO
  • Ice pinches/Notches: YES
  • Stem: Reducer (18mm-14mm)
  • Bowl/Cone: 14mm**

**Cone/Bowl style may vary.
***Please be aware that glass bongs and water pipes with enlarged sections such as beakers and the like will always be thinner in these areas than the stated thickness measurement provided. (All measurements provided by manufacturers’)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Quality Product

Having used a shitty little bonza style glass bong with large aluminum stem and a slip in style small brass cone for no kidding 27 years plus daily, I can strongly recommend this piece of kit.
Having never owned a glass bong like this with glass stem and cone, I did do a fair amount of research & searching of various offerings. One thing that stood out strongly is the outrageous pricing on pretty much any item that is manufactured in either Europe or the States.
However, the other brands on offer are well priced and fit the bill so to speak and do EXACTLY the same job.
This item is JUST as good & under $70.....
Fark moi, go back just a few years and your average banger glass bong with rubber base were $59-89 almost anywhere...these are so well priced in comparison....

The glass cone piece that comes with this item is like a Chinese wok with a hole drilled in it.....maybe ok if your surname is Rastafarian or at least from Nepal.
Seriously you'll need lungs the size of a typical 200 series air bag kit to pull a wad worth through it....

Again, after much image viewing of assorted offerings avail for different sized glass cones, I found the Black Leaf 14mm one hit model the perfect size that doesn't require an inbuilt Dyson vac set of lung inhalation bellows....
The resulting action is smooth as silk when using chilled water & with an increased water volume area plus diffused stem piece, it truly is an experience to try after many years of air leaking garbage.

This bong is worth a look as its incredibly well made & is simple to clean.
The main stem piece is thicker than Dan Andrews arrogance with a mouthpiece like it's had Botox injections.

To clean:
Grab a sealable sandwich bag, a cont of table salt & a bottle of methylated spirits.
Add 50ml or so spirits to bag, add tablespoon or so table salt.
Place cone in bag, seal bag, shake for 1-2 mins.
remove, should be clean, if a bit dirty still, a quick run under hot water with a steel skewer will remove any gunk build up inside stem section of cone.

Do the same for glass stem....

Rinse bong with hot water from tap & discard dirty water etc,
add 50-100ml spirits, 1 tablespoon table salt, dash of hot water, place thumb over stem hole, shake and agitate for 1-2 mins,'ll be cleaner than your criminal record was before your turned some cold water over everything, put it back together, add chilled water to just under stem hole, add stem and cone, feeling excited?
Add 2-3 ice cubes to the top mouth piece.....

I'm adamant that 1-2 hits of good product with this apparatus should see your mind goto Gibraltar & back pretty easily.

I'd add a pic, but currently that option isn't available when reviewing.

Thanks again Beefys ;)

I feel like a California smoker

Wow. This piece is bigger than I expected. The glass is thicker. It's heavier. I was so nervous being all glass it would break I so appreciate the extensive packaging and care put into keeping this piece safe in travel. I adored the lollies I got too. The beaker shape is beautiful but it's a little harder to clean the sides. The ice catcher is big enough to not let any ice cubes fall in and break the stem. the ice catchers give such a nice cold hot. The stem has gills on it. The stem comes out so easily to clean. As all of it is clear glass I do feel like it looks dirtier sooner compared to my coloured bong so I am cleaning it multiple times a day. The cone piece is beautiful but like 4 X bigger than my brass cone so I find I am smoking more per cone. I feel like this piece is like an American bong that one hit can be shared with multiple people. It's such a beautiful piece and I find the hits smother and hit harder.