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Dry Ash Catcher 90° 18mm

Dry Ash Catcher 90° 18mm

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This simple dry glass ash catcher will help keep your bong cleaner for longer, it is much easier to simply dump the dirty water from the dry ash catcher and replace with freshwater compared to cleaning your bong. The biggest bonus with dry ash catchers is that they barely add any extra drag (draw) to your bong and this is fantastic news for those of you who use percolated bongs as it will not affect their function. You simply add a small amount of water to the bottom of the dry ash catcher and this is what will trap the burnt ash as it enters the ash catcher and will stop the majority from entering your bong.

Product Details:

  • Joint: 18mm x 2
  • Height: 80mm*
  • Diameter Ø: 45mm* (Base)
  • Angle: 90°*

**No cone piece included and there may also be variances in the joint angle.

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