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Boost Pro

Boost Pro Cane Cylinder Ice Bong 45cm

Boost Pro Cane Cylinder Ice Bong 45cm

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Boost Pro Cane Cylinder Ice Bong 45cm


The Boost Cylinder Ice Bong stands 45cm tall, it is made out of 5mm borosilicate glass. It has a ground joint size of 18.8mm and accepts a 18.8mm glass cone and also has a carb/shotty hole. A solid feeling piece that looks great with its yellow label and matching ice notches. Straight cylinder bongs are always popular do to the easy to clean nature and great function of the piece. 

Product Details:

  • Height: 450mm (approximately)
  • Wall thickness: 5mm (circa)
  • Diameter: Ø 50mm
  • Joint: 18.8mm ground joint
  • Ice notches/pins: YES
  • Shot/Carb hole: YES
  • Yellow Label
  • Stem and cone included
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Customer Reviews

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KAPSAC its all that matters

This is a beauty the shotty release is a blow out by far one of the best dailys ive used in a long time