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Blaze Glass

Blaze Diffused Pre-Cooler 14mm

Blaze Diffused Pre-Cooler 14mm

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Blaze Diffused Pre-Cooler 14mm


A classic style pre cooler from Blaze. Featuring a six slit downstem and a 14mm joint for both the cone/bowl and connecting piece to the bong. This is a very low drag and easy to clean ash catcher.

These are great for not only catching ash and keeping your bong much cleaner but also act as an additional percolator in that it will help to cool and smooth your smoke.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Blaze
  • Joint: 14.5mm (SG14) x 2
  • Height: 120mm*
  • Diameter Ø: 40mm*
  • Diffuser: Six slit downstem

**No cone piece included. Internal diffuser downstem length may vary and there may also be variances in the joint angle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ninh L
Get one asap

A 14mm ashcatcher, real easy to clean, keeps your main piece pretty clean, after a few heavy hits though will need to change water

Awesome product!

I had been viewing many options to add a precooler to my glassware. This item is well made, 5mm thick glass. Fits perfectly into 14mm downstem. Cleans easily to a high shine. Has made my setup much smoother. Shopping with Beefys is always a pleasure, safe, secure and discreet.

Blazed defused pre cooler review

Best in the business and I have already started recommending this product to my friends.
Will definitely be buying more products in the near future.

Ok product, amazing service and fast shipping.

Perc blocks a little quickly but it's a good compact A/C for a great price.
I'll definitely be shopping at Beefys again.

Would recommend!

Great little percolator that makes hits smoother keeps your main chamber so much cleaner, only issue is that like most small perky's it draws water through on heavy drags. However, would definitely recommend! I never smoke without it now.