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Blaze Glass

Blaze Cone SG18 'Screen and Handle

Blaze Cone SG18 'Screen and Handle

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Glass Screen Cone SG18


Blaze glass bowl/cone clear in colour and will fit any standard 18.8mm (SG18) ground joint. Featuring an inbuilt glass screen, these attractive glass bowls have glass handle on the outside that not only allow you to easily lift the bowl but also act as a roll stop to prevent the cone from rolling off of tables etc.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Blaze
  • Joint size: 18.8mm male (SG18)
  • Hole Size: Glass screen
  • Colour: Clear
  • 1 x Glass Screen Cone SG18 included
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Poorly Designed

Bought this to go with a Blaze Recycler Pre-Cooler SG18 90°. The handle means it doesn't fit with their own products, which I consider a pretty big oversight. Cannot get a good seal without breaking the handle off.

On top of that, the glass filter in the middle broke off before I could even use it, making it a clear drop down hole and making the glass useless.

Would not buy, and wouldn't recommend anyone else to buy this.

Thankfully, the boy's at beefy's were very kind and included a black leaf cone piece that fits very well.

Slightly Disappointing

Got sick of fiddling around with meshes so I thought this bowl with inbuilt screen would be perfect, the bowl works fine and the screen is good (holes not too large/small)
However the fault here is the handle, hadn't even owned it for a week and the handle completely detached when my misses went to take it out of the stem. Perhaps it wasn't blown properly, I am unsure. But I did expect more from a Blaze glass product.