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Black Leaf

Black Leaf Sidecar - Honeycomb

Black Leaf Sidecar - Honeycomb

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Black Leaf Sidecar - Honeycomb


This Black Leaf Sidecar can be used either for your favourite herb or oil. As it includes a vapor dome and titanium nail for dabbing and an 18.8mm herb bowl with a roll stop.
Designed so smoke pulls through the honeycomb disc to create many fine bubbles, giving you a smoother gentler smoke. A perfect piece for either dabs or flower.

Product Details:

  • Height: 240 mm (approximately)
  • Diameter: Ø 50/25 mm
  • Joint: 18.8 mm male ground joint
  • Percolator: Honeycomb
  • Label: 'OIL' Black Leaf
  • 1 x Titanium nail included
  • 1 x Glass vapour dome 18.8mm female included
  • 1 x Glass bowl included. (Female)


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Customer Reviews

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Great Glass for your Ass

This honeycomb sidecar is a great beginners piece for those looking to get into this scene. It arrived in just a couple days.And came with some wonderful beefys gifts (thanks heaps guys) It has great diffusion, is easy to handle and looks at treat on your shelf. It's easy to clean and works great with your dry herb or oil although I would recommend an ash catcher for those who plan to enjoy tabacco or flowers. All in all a great little piece 4 stars from me