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Black Leaf

Black Leaf 'Recycle Bubbler 15cm

Black Leaf 'Recycle Bubbler 15cm

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Black Leaf 'Recycle Bubbler 15cm


The Black Leaf 'Recycle Bubbler stands 15cm tall and features a diffused downstem that helps create smaller bubbles for a smoother. This piece also has the added feature of actually recycling the water, it is drawn in to the second chamber then from there it drains back to the main water chamber thru the second glass tube. This not only looks cool but adds to the aeration and cooling of the smoke.

Product Details:

  • Height: 150mm (approximately)
  • Joint: 14.5mm male ground joint
  • Percolator: Diffused downstem
  • Label: “RECYCLE” Black Leaf
  • 1 x Glass nail included
  • 1 x Glass vapour dome SG14F included

* Care must be taken when heating the glass nail, even heat distribution is a key factor here as well as keeping the direct heat source away from the ground joint. Failing to do so may result in a broken nail and or a broken glass joint.

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