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Black Leaf

Black Leaf 'Granite Aluminium Grinder 56mm - 4 part

Black Leaf 'Granite Aluminium Grinder 56mm - 4 part

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Black Leaf 'Granite Aluminium Grinder 56mm - 4 part


This 4 part Black Leaf 'Granite Premium aluminium grinder features an 80 micron pollen screen and a section where your pollen collects it also includes a scrapping tool. With CNC machined diamond shaped teeth it only takes a few turns to reach the desired consistency.

The lid is magnetized to hold it together with the body.

 Black Leaf branded grinders are CNC machined out of aluminium which ensures them being strong and durable, they also include a nylon ring on which the two halves rub together with a smooth consistency each and every time you use them.

Anodised colours ensure a durability of the exterior of the grinder and will be sure to give you years of useful service; the anodising process on this line of grinders is very durable creating a 0.04mm thickness with hardness above 300 HV. 

#Product label now has 'Granite' instead of 'Premium', also has a more uniform colour between layers. Images will be updated in near future.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Black Leaf 'Granite
  • Diameter: ø 56mm
  • Height: 39mm 
  • Layers: 4 Part
  • Teeth: Diamond Shaped
  • Screen: 80 Micron
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Nylon friction ring: Yes
  • Colour: Anthracite*

*Slight variations of colouring to individual parts may occur.

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Customer Reviews

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Light and premium

Good quality grinder, shreds nicely without to much force. A bit fiddly to screw shut but easy to get the hang of.