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Black Leaf

'Black Leaf' Glass Icebong 'Black & White

'Black Leaf' Glass Icebong 'Black & White

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‘Black Leaf’ Glass Icebong ‘Black & White


A delightful 9mm solid Icebong with a reinforced down stem mount and an extra thick mouth piece. It comes with a 18-14mm reducer down stem which is also a six slit diffuser down stem which creates a smoother smoke. This bong also includes 3 ice notches to suspend ice in the downtube and cool the smoke as it travels past. It includes a 14mm glass bowl(cone) which has black and white glass dots around it which matches the mouthpiece. It also includes the attractive ‘Black Leaf’ logo on the bottom of the water chamber.

*Pattern around mouthpiece may vary from the supplied images.

Product Details:

  • Height: 350mm*
  • Diameter Ø: 50mm*
  • Wall Thickness: 9mm*
  • Joint: 18.8mm (SG18)
  • Carb/Shot Hole: NO
  • Ice Pinches/Notches: YES
  • Stem: Reducer (18-14mm)
  • Bowl/Cone: 14mm


**Appearance may vary slightly.
***Please be aware that glass bongs and water pipes with enlarged sections such as beakers and the like will always be thinner in these areas than the stated thickness measurement provided. (All measurements provided by manufacturers’) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best bong worth every cent

Best bong I'v ever smoked out of. The cone piece you get with it is pretty cool and if you clog it with a bud and pack chop ontop of it ahaha but other than that pretty useless but it does look awesome just sitting there on it but doesn't matter anyway because you get a free cone piece with it that is just about perfect. The ice notches on it are in a perfect spot. The bong is fairly easy to clean if you use Metho. All round great bong!

cone piece hole way too big

The cone piece hole is way too big. everyhting I try to smoke through it falls right through the second i start inhaling even when i pack it in and smash it together. I like to rip cones in one single shot not toke on it. So this cone piece is way too large unless I was ripping party size cones the bud just falls straight through.

"Hello JD and thank you for your review. That is correct the bowl does come with a large European style hole, this is the reason you were supplied with an extra free bowl that is much better suited."