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Black Leaf

'Black Leaf' Glass Icebong 'Amber

'Black Leaf' Glass Icebong 'Amber

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'Black Leaf' Glass Icebong 'Amber


An attractive 9mm glass Icebong with an amber coloured mouthpiece, a reinforced down stem mount and a ‘Sure Ground’ SG14 friction fit amber coloured rim bowl (cone piece) with a roll stop to make the removal of the bowl from the stem an easy task.

The SG18/SG14 down stem adaptor has a 6 slit diffuser at the end of it, in the main tube there are three amber ice notches.

In the bottom of the water chamber the ’Black Leaf’ logo and moto can be seen.

Product Details:

  • Height: 300mm*
  • Diameter Ø: 50mm*
  • Wall thickness: 9mm*
  • Joint: 18.8mm
  • Carb/Shot hole: NO
  • Ice pinches/notches: Yes
  • Stem length: 11 cm (Approximately)
  • Reducer diffuser stem included (18.8-14.5mm)
  • Glass bowl/cone included (14.5mm)


**Please be aware that glass bongs and water pipes with enlarged sections such as beakers and the like will always be thinner in these areas than the stated thickness measurement provided. (All measurements provided by manufacturers’) 

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Customer Reviews

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A lot bigger than it seems

I bought this thinking it was the same size as my previous billy. It was in hight but the glass is a lot thicker and better quality, I also love the amber colouring and that it's not too over the top with patterns. I wanted a glass billy with no shotty and and glass stem and cone and I got exactly that and better quality then I could have imagined! All my mates were blown away when they saw it in person and we're keen to try the party cone as well. Over all very happy with the product and the service! Thank you for the normal sized cone piece as well haha. Recommended to all my mates, and will do if anyone asks me in the future!