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Black Leaf

Black Leaf Diffused Pre-Cooler 18mm

Black Leaf Diffused Pre-Cooler 18mm

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Black Leaf Diffused Pre-Cooler 18mm


A classic style pre cooler from Black Leaf. Featuring a six slit downstem and an 18mm joint for both the cone/bowl and connecting piece to the bong. This is a very low drag and easy to clean ash catcher.

These are great for not only catching ash and keeping your bong much cleaner but also act as an additional percolator in that it will help to cool and smooth your smoke.

*The angle of the joint is fairly steep at approximately 30° and may have clearance issues on certain products.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Black Leaf
  • Joint: 18.8mm (SG18) x 2
  • Height: 115mm (approx.)
  • Diameter Ø: 35mm
  • Diffuser: Six slit downstem

*No cone piece included.

**These are a budget pre-cooler that are not perfect, the angle of the joint will vary between each item and there may be some small bubbles in the welds, the diffused downstem length will also vary. If you are looking for perfection, please look at higher end products. These are the exactly the same product as you will find at any other retailer.

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Customer Reviews

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High Guy
Nice and smooth

Good entry level pre-cooler. Easy to clean. Good seals.