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Black Leaf

Black Leaf Diffused Pre-Cooler 14mm

Black Leaf Diffused Pre-Cooler 14mm

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Black Leaf Diffused Pre-Cooler 14mm


A classic style pre cooler from Black Leaf. Featuring a six slit downstem and an 14mm joint for both the cone/bowl and connecting piece to the bong. This is a very low drag and easy to clean ash catcher.

These are great for not only catching ash and keeping your bong much cleaner but also act as an additional percolator in that it will help to cool and smooth your smoke.

*The angle of the joint is approximately 40° and may have clearance issues on certain products. Especially on beakers with reducer stems.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Black Leaf
  • Joint: 14.5mm (SG14) x 2
  • Height: 100mm*
  • Diameter Ø: 35mm*
  • Diffuser: Six slit downstem

**No cone piece included.
**These are a budget pre-cooler that are not perfect, the angle of the joint will vary between each item and there may be some small bubbles in the welds, the diffused downstem length will also vary. If you are looking for perfection, please look at higher end products. These are the exactly the same product as you will find at any other retailer.

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Customer Reviews

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Black Leaf Diffused Pre-Cooler review

Product as described, easy transaction and fast delivery, would recommend this product and company without hesitation

Diffused Pre-Cooler SG14/Ashcatcher

This is a great 'little' chamber, really makes things a lot smoother. Great price too!
However, as mentioned in the description, the angle of the joint does vary considerably to the one in the photo. (Mine did anyway)
The angle was wrong for the pipe I originally purchased this for. Luckily I have many pipes and the angle is great for a few of them!
Overall, I am still very happy with my purchase regardless of the joint angle variance.

Addendum to previous Review

I never give 5 stars or 100% because I believe nothing is perfect. If I could have give 4 and a 1/2 stars i would have.

Classic SG14 Ash Catcher

I've modified an "Aussie Style" MWP billy with a Bonza sized percolated SG14 glass stem (looks like a test tube with hole pricked in the bottom). Now I can either add an Ash Catcher or use a cone directly. I STRONGLY recommend using an Ash Catcher. The water in your main billy stays clean whilst the tar, bits of unburnt material and filthy water stay in the easy to remove and clean ash catcher. I first bought a 3 arm percolated ash catcher which I am happy with, very smooth to smoke with a good feel to the pull. The only problem is cleaning. Whilst it is easy enough to do, if you want to enjoy the light show of a stem split into three arms, be prepared to thoroughly clean the ash catcher regularly. I use rubbing alcohol (Isocol), salt & pipe cleaners. Place 20 or 30 ml in the ash catcher, add salt & shake (Make sure you are sealing all the holes. I usually wrap it in an old rag & shake it, I use the same technique for my main billy. Less likely to drop it!)
Now for this product, any smoker using ash catchers SHOULD have one of these. It is the STOCK second chamber most of us have been using for years. Straight stem with a slip in cone (The 6 slits at the base of the stem give it a nice look & feel) The only thing i feel could be improved is the width of the stem. It is definitely smaller than a Bonza stem but wider than the old Agung screw in stems (This is extremely harsh nitpicking as i was unable to find flaw in any other part of the ash catcher) . It has a nice angle where the SG14 male adapter fits into a diagonal stem leaving the second chamber sitting straight vertically. (An ash catcher with a fair bit of bend may not fit a stem that stands straight up, on a straight up & down stem the angle can cause the second chamber to clash with the main billy. It is super easy to clean and will probably become the workhorse ash catcher & pull out the the 3 arm percolated ash catcher on occasions.
Once you enter the world of Gauged Glass Billys it's hard not to go crazy wanting to try all the different chamber/cone/main billy combinations not to mention the insane billy's on offer from quality glass blowers. They are not the paper thin Waterfall billy's of a decade or so ago.
I hope i didn't just confuse you more,