Downstem Measuring Guide

Are you looking for a how to measure a downstem guide? If so you have come to the right place. In this guide we will help you determine the correct length and size of the downstem that you require and you will than have the knowledge to figure out the measurements of any glass stem you require in the future.

The majority of the stems we stock are pre-cut from our suppliers. We do measure them before shipping them out although there may be slight variances of a couple of mm in either direction. Example if you order a 12 cm stem you may be supplied with an 11.8 or 12.2 cm stem and you should take this in to account when ordering a new stem.

How to measure your bong for a new glass downstem

Step 1:

In order to determine the correct length of the stem that you will need for your bong, you will need to use an object* to insert through the female joint on your piece. You will want to leave a gap between the object and the bottom of the water chamber of about 1.5cm this can vary depending on the style of bong you are measuring. Now that you have it at the distance you are happy with from the base of the water chamber you can go ahead and mark the object at the very last point of where is exits the female ground joint.

*A pencil, pen or a chopstick are all excellent choices for this task.

Step 2:

Now measure the distance of the object that you used to insert in to the end that you inserted in to your bong to the mark that you put on to your object.

Step 3:

Now that you have the correct length that you need you are able to go to the  Glass stems page and select the correct length and style of stem that you need.

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Measuring an Existing Stems Length

To measure one of your existing glass stems, you simply measure from the top of the grinding (this is closest to where your cone/bowl joins on to your stem) to the very end of the glass stem (the part that sits in the water of your bong.

Now that you have the correct length that you need you are able to go to the  glass stems page and select the correct length and style of stem that you need.

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Glass Downstems

The downstem plays a crucial role in the functionality of your bong. They typically feature a ground joint of the same size where the stem connects to the waterpipe and where it accommodates various accessories such as cones or ash catchers. For instance, it could be 18mm to 18mm. However, it's worth noting that there are also options available with mixed sizes on a single stem, such as a 14mm male joint paired with an 18mm female joint on the same stem.

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Reducer Downstems

Reducer Downstems for glass bongs come with two distinct joint sizes. The larger joint is a male joint that is inserted into the water pipe, while the smaller joint is a female joint where accessories like cone pieces or ash-catchers are placed. The most widely used reducer stem is the 18mm male to 14mm female variety.

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*You are responsible for the length of the stem you choose. This guide is for information purposes only and when followed "correctly" will achieve the correct results. Beefy's is not responsible for the misinterpretation of this guide.

Downstem Measuring Guide

Downstem Measuring Guide

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