Why You Want to Use a Pipe Screen in Your Glass Pipe

Why You Want to Use a Pipe Screen in Your Glass Pipe

If you enjoy blazing legal herbs, you probably have plenty of smoking gear lying on your coffee table. There are so many ways to take a rip, from bongs to rigs, vape pens, or just the classic hand pipe. Pipe screens also play a vital role in many dry herb vaporizers.

Glass pipes are one of the classics, and most smokers have one or two of them lying around the home for that quick hit of herbal goodness.

The only issue with pipes is that you run the risk of pulling the herbs through the pipe while smoking. Even worse, you could end up with a mouth full of ash if you take it too far, causing you to choke. Let’s face it; we’re all guilty of doing that from time to time.

Choking on the ash or herbs is a great way to ruin your smoking experience. Fortunately, you can prevent that just by fitting a screen to your pipe.

What Is A Pipe Screen?

A pipe screen is a lifesaver to anyone that ends up pulling too hard on their pipe. These screens sit in the bowl, providing a mesh cover between the bowl and the neck of the pipe. As a result, you can’t pull any herb or ash through the pipe, resulting in a cleaner smoking experience.

The pipe screen is a handy accessory, preventing backflow, resin build-up, and clogging of the pipe. Screens are available for all sizes of pipes, from hand models to the biggest bongs. The screen features design and construction with stainless steel, making it durable, and there’s minimal chance of you burning it out.

You also have options for stainless steel, glass, and brass pipe screens, and there are some titanium models available for serious smokers. Pipe screens can either be a flat mesh disc that you can easily bend to shape or the can be pre-formed and these are generally called concave pipe screensGlass pipe screens are also a popular option as they can easily be cleaned and reused, although they are fragile and prone to breaking during the handling process.



How Do You Use a Pipe Screen?

Pipe screens are easy to use and install on your pipe or bong. Before you fit it into the bowl, give it a gentle brush and then press it in using a toothpick, dabbing tool or the end of your finger. The screen conforms to the shape of the bowl, ensuring you can pack a standard bowl without limiting space due to the pipe screen.

The pipe screen is disposable, and when it looks blackened and clogged, swap it out for a new one. Screens are affordable, and you get plenty in a pack for a reasonable price. Typically, you’ll need to change to screen once a week to once a month, depending on how often you use it to enjoy your herbs.


Brass Pipe Screens


Why Use a Pipe Screen?

We all want the best smoking experience possible from our dry legal herbs. However, sucking in hot ash is a great way to end up choking, leaving you looking like an amateur to your mates.

Avoid the embarrassment and get yourself a pack of pipe screens. The screen not only improves the smoking experience, but it also reduces the maintenance required to clean your pipe. There’s less resin buildup in the chamber and less ash coating the insides of the pipe.


Dome Pipe Screens 'Uber'


Where Can You Buy Pipe Screens?

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