Why We Love Empire Glassworks

Why We Love Empire Glassworks

Why We Love Empire Glassworks


If you have been browsing the net looking for ‘smoking pipes Australia,’ then you’re familiar with Empire Glassworks. You might also know that the main reason art enthusiasts, soft glass figure collectors, and hobbyists come back to Empire Glassworks is because of their one-of-a-kind art, quirky ideas, and humour-filled art pieces. These are figurines and art forms that you can’t see massively reproduced in factories. Instead, every creation reflects the artist’s years of experience and profound passion for the craft. Their dab rigs, hand pipes, glass pipes, and bong slides are no exception to this.

Craftsmanship + Humour = Outstanding Artform

What sets Empire Glassworks apart from the rest is their witty display of humour that compliments well with craftsmanship. Every Empire Glasswork piece is commissioned by a skilled glassblower from the company’s vast network of artists. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pipe, bong, rig, or accessory -- all are fashioned using the torch flame strategy called ‘lampworking.’

The company only uses glass with the finest quality to create their glasswork pieces. This assures every buyer that they’re only getting premium-quality items. Furthermore, no two artworks are the same, and each piece reflects the artist’s style and expertise. The Rocket Hand Pipe, for example, is a creation that will not only start a conversation with friends but will also tickle their funny bone.

This collection includes two 4-inch glass-made coloured hand pipe replicas of ex-US President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un. The surprising thing about these replicas is that they highlight the physical features of the characters they represent.

True Art

If it has not already become apparent, Empire makes true one of a kind art pieces that you will not find anywhere else. Their products range from extremely cute such as the Climbing Pandas to utterly grotesque in the Stranger Flower bowl. There are many designs to choose from and some of our favourites are the Koi Pond dry pipe, Pickle Bowl/Cone and the East Australian Current pipe.

Utterly relaxing and entertaining

You know that it’s the work of a seasoned artist if the output goes beyond mere functionality. Should these bongs, pipes, and rigs be made by novice glassblowers, they would only meet the bare minimum -- serving its primary function. But you see, Empire Glassworks went above and beyond to add the element of fun and entertainment into their designs. As a result, you get a product that’s both useful and entertaining.

When you use your Trump-inspired hand pipe, you can’t help but smile at how accurate their depiction of his physical features is. If you don’t want to show people that you’re using a dab rig, hand pipe, and bong bowl, these figurines are perfect for your purpose. When you puff, you get more relaxed and entertained while marvelling at how quirky your pipe looks.

Whether you’re smoking alone or in the company of friends, it won’t hurt if you add more fun elements into the experience. Add these quirky and elaborately-made glass-blown hand pipes into your collection and make every smoking sesh something to look forward to.

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