Why Shop at an Online Bong Shop?

Why Shop at an Online Bong Shop?

Why Shop at an Online Bong Shop?


While brick-and-mortar head shops definitely have their own charms, there’s something about online bong shops managing to compete and have the edge over these long-running institutions. You may not be able to instantaneously get the accessories and devices you need, but the experience is definitely as rewarding (or maybe even more). To make things more clear, we compiled a list of things that only Online Head Shops have — easily making it clear why it’s the far more superior option.

A selection that’s larger and with more options

One can only stock up so much inside a brick-and-mortar establishment. But with online head shops, it’s easier to provide a wider array of options for a given device along with every possible design, style, colour, or model. Since there are so many variations of a single device in this niche, it’s hard for brick-and-mortar establishments to stock up on everything all the time. They would only grab themselves the iterations that sell the most, with the non-moving items only having little to no place inside the establishment’s limited shelves.

A cool addition online head shops provide is some tools and accessories you’d only know of from scrolling through the list of items you’re bound to add to your cart. You’d be surprised by several listings that would’ve improved your smoking experience, managing to only find them in the vast inventory of online head shops. This is because online head shops know there’s competition, so they strive to provide updated inventories with new, high-quality products that usually complement the other cutting-edge products that are being sold for the longest time.

Cheaper prices

Online smoke shops can easily sell the same products brick-and-mortar establishments offer but at a lower price. While making sure every item is priced reasonably so customers would keep on coming back while also attracting a larger audience.

With more people supporting online head shops, items can be acquired in larger wholesale quantities and this means that items can be sold for a lower price, and more people would be buying these products. If you’re a bit squeamish on prices, another convenient thing online bongshops provide is the ability to easily compare prices of similar products with other supplies (with local smoke shops usually only selling things cheaper since the quality is subpar).

It’s convenient and discreet

With the advancement of technology and the modernisation of logistics, it’s now easier and faster to stock up on items and products from an online head shop than driving off to a convenience store or tobacconist to get your fill. Customer privacy and anonymity are always taken into consideration, while customer convenience stands as a top priority. We know that the job entails a need-to-smoke sense of urgency when it comes to people buying our products, so we make sure to ship them out in discreet and secure packaging and have them arrive in the fastest time possible.

More knowledgeable personnel

To put up an online head shop, you must be fully committed and passionate about the product and services you are providing. This means that you and your workforce should be borderline omniscient when it comes to all things smoking, being able to answer the hardest and most complicated of questions in the most eloquent way possible. As we are powered by a team of enthusiasts with a vast knowledge of everything we offer, we make sure that you can always approach us about our products whenever you have something boggling your mind about them.

Better product quality

Since we have the resources and connections, we are able to stock up on items that we have verified to be of high quality and are long-lasting. We always strive to keep on improving each and every one of our customer’s smoking experiences, so we only sell products that are sure to enhance and make smoking more convenient for all our patrons.

You will only find high end glass online, many retail stores are unable or unwilling to stock the higher end range of glass that we are able to offer. This can be for a few reasons, the biggest issue retails stores would face is the low profit margin that can be gained from selling high end glass and the difficulty in sourcing and importing the products. Beefy’s has connections in Europe and the USA and this allows us to supply a range of high end glass to the Australian market.

We also follow strict quality control procedures which equals in our customers receiving the highest quality products available, have you ever noticed none of the other shops sell seconds? We do because we constantly monitor our products and only sell seconds with minor cosmetic issues.

More detailed product description and information

Opening one of our product pages would easily show you everything you need to know about the item you’re looking to purchase. There is complete transparency towards the products’ material, dimensions, extra features, design, and possible attachments — which gives the patrons the ability to perform a more informed purchase instead of a haphazard buy from a quick trip to the local head shop or tobacconist.

We do hope our quick list clarifies what sets us apart from your local head shop. We always strive to give you the best possible smoking experience in the most convenient of packages. That’s why we continuously improve our high-quality and cutting grade stock, keep our customers informed, and spread the passion and enthusiasm in smoking.

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