Who Are the Biggest Bong Smokers on the Planet? Australians!

Who Are the Biggest Bong Smokers on the Planet? Australians!

Stand up and take a bow, Australians! According to research, we're the biggest bong smokers on the planet! The latest data confirms that Australians have a craving for enjoying their favourite legal herbs in water bongs, and we are the biggest bong users in the world.

The survey in question takes a deep dive into the smoking habits of countries around the world, and it turns out Australians come out on top for our use of the good ol' beug. More than 75% of Aussies admit that they've used a beug, and more than 55% of Australians claim they smoked in the last month before the start of the survey.

The study covered 115,000 participants from countries around the globe, using data from 2016. Of the 115,000 people surveyed for the study, 5,700 were Australians. The claim is that Aussies enjoy their favourite legal herbs over all other illicit substances when it comes to relaxing.

Interestingly, 39.1% of the Aussie participants claimed they use tobacco, with an astounding 48.1% saying they prefer smoking their favourite legal herb blends over the baccy, and their choice of delivery system? – The bong. However, many Aussies also enjoy mixing tobacco into a cone to extend the smoking experience.

Europeans also enjoy adding a mix of baccy and legal herbs to their spliffs and bongs. However, across the channel, Kiwi's and Americans are more inclined to hit a clean spliff without the use of tobacco to amplify the experience.

According to the results of the study, more Australians use herbs than they do energy drinks (28.9%). A recent survey by the Vice Media Group shows that Australians also have somewhat of a drug problem, with Aussies being more likely to use illicit injectable substances, as well as hard drugs.

However, dry legal herbs remain at the top of the list, with Aussies using an array of delivery tools to get a flavourful hit. From 3-foot bong monsters to Gatorbuegs, Aussies prefer the bong over any other smoking method, except maybe rolling papers.

The research also shows that while Australians aren't the biggest users of dry legal herbs in the world, they are the biggest bong hitters around the globe. According to the research, around 5.9% of women and 6.9% of men in Australia claim they blaze for at least 12-hours a day.

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