What's in Bong Water?

What's in Bong Water?

What's in Bong Water?

For the perfect hit, you need to have the perfect delivery device. When it comes to legal herbs, bongs are the ideal choice for a supremely smooth draw experience. Bongs, which go by various names depending on where you happen to live, is a uniquely creative device that allows for a blissful smoke session. The bubbler, or water pipe, uses a water chamber that is connected to a bowl that is used to incinerate the product.

Aside from a blissful hit, you may be wondering what exactly the water chamber of a bong actually does. The water in the bong cools the smoke while also creating a filter for the harsh embers, ash, and tar that can result during each burn. Here at Beefy’s Bongs Australia, we are going to go over what is actually left behind in bong water and why it cleaning your water pipe regularly is critical.

What Is Lurking in Bong Water?

The water in a bong is used to make hits smoother and cooler. While they do filter out some bad stuff such as tar and ash, there is some good stuff lurking in there too. The good “things” are also filtered when the smoke passed through the water. This is one of the reasons it takes more hits when you use a water pipe than you would with a direct burn. Since not all of the product is burned, some residual will be left behind in the water; in essence, reducing the concentration in the smoke you inhale. This is important because the euphoric effect will not be as strong or take longer to achieve when using a bong.

Waste Bong Water

It can be a hassle to change the water in a bong following each session, but there are several reasons why you shouldn’t leave the task lingering too long. Old bong water reacts the same way as any other puddle of standing water. It will collect fungus and even start to grow bacteria, yeast, and other microbes. This can lead to mould, bad odours, or worse. Used bong water should never be consumed or used on plants. Depending on the age of the water, it can contain high concentrations of mould that are actually toxic.

Changing The Water In Your Bong

Taking care of your bong will ensure that each session is smooth and pleasant. The best practice is to empty and clean your water pipe following each session, but if you don’t get a chance, at least every other session is a must. The longer you leave stagnant water in a bong, the harder it will be to clean. Changing the water on a regular basis allows you to avoid carcinogenic materials that are sometimes released from the filtration system.

Any time your bong develops a layer of biofilm, you know for certain that the water needs to be thrown out. This layer can be seen floating over the top of the surface and is usually discoloured or oily-looking. This film can be hiding nasty critters such as black mildew or even Strep. The water helps to filter harmful substances, but it is only effective when the water is changed on a regular basis. Often, the first time the water is changed it will smell awful. Always use purified or filtered water when refreshing your bong, and for an extra bit of coolness, use ice cubes as well.

Water Alternatives

If you want to get creative with smoke flavors and colours, consider using some alternatives to water. Sugar-free cranberry juice is a great option. It will give your draw a slight sweetness and look very cool at the same time. The acid in the juice will also help keep your bong clean longer than plain water. Avoid sugary alternatives, however, because they can clog your bong and make it much harder to clean. You can also try sparkling water or club soda. The bubbles will lend a bit of texture and lightness to each draw with a slight bit of flavor as a special touch. As long as you avoid sugar and alcohol, the sky is the limit when it comes to bong water alternatives.

You can also use products such as Piece Water Solution, this product will allow you to change the water less often and also keep tar from building up anywhere the glass is submerged inside of the Piece Water Solution.

Our Final Thoughts

Water pipes are a great way to take your smoke sessions to the next level. You can get smoother draws that are cool, crisp, and overall more pleasing to the palette. The important thing to remember is to always keep your bong clean and change the water on a regular basis.

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