What is a Diffuser Downstem and Why Use One?

What is a Diffuser Downstem and Why Use One?

Are you looking for a different way to enjoy your next bong? The accessories available for bongs make them versatile smoking apparatus. Trying out a diffuser downstem on your bong gives you the benefits of adding a percolator without having a perc fitted itself.

A diffuser downstem helps cool the smoke as it hits the water, reducing the harshness in the hit. Diffuser downstem are available as separate accessories, but many top models include them in the standard equipment.

This post unlocks everything you need to know about the diffuser downstem and why you should invest in one for your smoking setup.

What is a Diffuser Downstem?

The diffuser downstem essentially performs the same function as a percolator for your bong. The diffuser percolates and filters the smoke, removing the impurities and harshness. You get a clean, smooth hit that accentuates the flavours and aromas of your favourite legal dry herbs.

Diffuser downstems are more common on bongs than dab rigs. Diffusers on rigs are not such a great idea, as the added filtration of the vapour can reduce the potency and flavor of the concentrate as it vaporizes and passes through the water.

Different diffuser downstems (left to right) Six slit, RooR Diffused, Jelly Joker 21 Hole, HiSi Diffused, Grace six arm difused stem.

Are There Different Models of Diffuser Downstems?

There are many different types and styles of diffused downstems such as the simple six slit to the 21 hole Jelly Joker and the gridded slit models.

The most popular option for a diffuser downstem is the slitted model. This model features a series of slits along the downstem that allows the smoke to escape into the water. This diffuser is so popular because it doesn't clog as often as other diffuser models.

The Pearl Diffuser downstem from RooR Glass is another very popular option, and it's compatible with most glass pieces. The Pearl diffuser has small holes lining the bottom of the glass downstem. The hit is extra-bubbly, producing huge clouds of flavorful, aromatic smoke.

The smaller holes in the Pearl clog fairly easily, so you'll need to clean it more often than a slitted model. The second most popular option for a diffuser is the showerhead model. This downstem has a tapered end featuring small slits.

However, these downstems don't offer you the same amount of airflow as the slitted versions. If you're planning on using a showerhead diffuser for your bong, we recommend adding a screen to the bowl to catch the ash and prevent it from entering the diffuser. This strategy keeps the diffuser cleaner for longer, but you'll also have to forgo the classic pop when clearing the bowl.

Finally, the four-arm diffuser is similar to the tree perc, consisting of four individual arms featuring small slits on the ends. While these diffusers produce huge clouds and a fantastic smoking experience, they also tend to be more fragile than the other models, breaking when cleaning.

Choose the diffuser downstem model that excites your mind. Since they are so affordable, we recommend picking up one of each to try them out.

Why Do I Need a Diffuser Downstem?

So, what is the main reason for adding a diffuser downstem to your bong? The primary function is for additional filtering and cooling of the smoke moving through the bong. You get a smoother, cleaner hit with no catching or coughing.

The diffuser downstem also improves the flavour of the hit, allowing you to enjoy the full terpene profile of your favourite legal dry herbs.

The only problem with a diffuser downstem is the additional cleaning required for general maintenance. However, if you use the right cleaning materials, you shouldn't find it a hassle to clean the downstem.

Tip: If you do not like cleaning often, we suggest you choose a diffused downstem that has an opening on the end of it as this will allow the ash to pass through and not clog your stem.

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