What are Carb Caps Used For?

What are Carb Caps Used For?

What’s a Carb Cap Used For?

Did you just heat your nail so hot it eviscerated the terpenes in your legal concentrate? Taking a hit of some burned extract isn’t fun. Low-temperature dabbing is where it’s at, promising you a flavourful and aromatic dabbing experience that’s out of this world.

Using a lower temperature on the banger or nail allows you to really dial in your dab, maximising the flavour and scent profile of the terpenes in your legal concentrates. For the ultimate low-temperature dab, you need the assistance of a carb cap.

What is a carb cap, and how can it help? This post unpacks everything you need to know about this must-have dabbing accessory for your rig.

What’s a Carb Cap?

carb cap is a basic accessory for your dabbing rig, and it comes in various styles and designs to suit any setup.

A carb cap commonly comes in a glass material construction, but there are options for titanium and other heat-stable materials.

Essentially, the crab cap covers the nail or banger, reducing the airflow around the dab, allowing for true convection as the dab vaporizes.

Why Do You Need a Carb Cap for Dabbing?

Task Rok, the founder of Highly Educated dabbing accessories, invented the carb cap in 2013. Task gave it the name “carb cap” after comparing its performance to a traditional automotive carburettor. The carb cap provides the same function to your dab rig as a carburettor gives to a motor.

When ripping the rig, the cap regulates airflow to the dabbing surface. By placing the cap over the nail or banger, you restrict the airflow moving around the dabbing surface, increasing the heat and the intensity of the dab.

The carb cap helps you vaporize every last nanogram of your legal concentrates into high-quality vapour. Some carb cap models come with a clutch hole, allowing the dabber to bring fresh air into the quartz banger during the rip and cap, allowing for the agitation of hot concentrate, spreading it across the dabbing surface for an efficient dab.

The carb cap gives you total control over the vaporisation of concentrate, trapping the heat in your nail to extend the sweet spot for your rip. The most common use for carb caps for sale is using carb caps on quartz bangers.

What are the Styles of Carb Caps?

Primarily, the purpose of a carb cap is for heat retention and airflow management to the dabbing surface of the nail or banger. To get the best results when vaping your concentrate, you need to keep an even temperature across the dabbing surface to vaporise your concentrate without burning.

Regardless of whether you’re using quartz, titanium, or ceramic nail, the carb cap keeps the dabbing surface at the optimal temperature for longer. While all carb caps have the same function, they come in different designs to suit your rig and vaping style.

Standard Carb Cap

This simple design features a rounded end acting as the cap, with a small handle to help you control the cap while dabbing.

Bubble Carb Cap

These caps come with a bubble-shaped design, featuring hollow stems extending from the top and bottom of the cap to create the carb.

These models work best with flat-top quartz bangers, with rounded edges sealing against the flat surface of the banger or nail for fast, effective vaporizing.

This dabbers shape makes it easy to rotate and adjust the cap, chasing the concentrate across the surface of the banger fast for an efficient dabbing experience.

Directional Flow Carb Cap

These caps seal on banger-style nails, featuring a carb clutch hole and a delicate angled stem extending from the bottom of the carb cap.

During rotation, airflow created by the angled stem chases the concentrate across the surface of the banger, allowing for rapid vaporization.

The directional flow carb caps are the best carb caps for use with terp pearls as they will create a directional flow that will allow you to get the terp pearls to spin and agitate the legal concentrates.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Carb Cap

Step 1 – Heat the nail or banger and add your legal dab.

Step 2 – Cover the banger or nail with the carb cap.

Step 3 – For bubble or directional flow models, rotate the cap gently. This action pressurises the air on the dabbing surface, chasing the concentrate across the entire area for fast vaporization.

Those dabbers using a standard carb cap and dabbing tool can use an up-and-down motion over the nail or banger to create the carburettor effect.

Step 4 – When you feel you’re ready to inhale, remove the carb cap and take a rip to clear the rig.

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