The Bong-Wielding Worker Fights off Robbers

The Bong-Wielding Worker Fights off Robbers

The Bong-Wielding Worker Fights off Robbers

When most of us imagine fighting off criminals, we’re probably thinking about grabbing a gun or a baseball bat as a weapon. However, a worker recently discovered the power of using a bong to fend off three criminals from robbing his bong shop in Tyendinaga, Ontario.

Yes, you read that right. A man armed with a bong managed to fend off a trio of attackers, preventing them from robbing the store.

Thursday, Sept. 6th, 2018, 4 pm.

Four men enter the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market off Old Highway 2 in Shannonville. CCTV footage of the events shows the men in head coverings entering the dispensary, armed with bear spray. One of the attackers approached the counter, spraying the two attendants in an attempt to disable them.

However, the two attendants managed to duck under the counter to avoid the attack, with one of the attendants grabbing a glass bong. The budtender leaps the counter and starts to fight the attackers using his bong as a weapon.

The amazing footage shows the resilience of the worker as he wields the bong in a threatening manner, diffusing the situation. After a brief skirmish, the alleged criminals decide the robbery wasn’t worth the hassle, fleeing the scene in a white SUV, heading westbound on Old Highway 2.

The OPP Forensic Identification Unit visited the crime scene at the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market, collecting evidence for the case.

Criminals Target Dispensaries as Robberies are on the Rise

Late August saw another armed robbery in the same area, with criminals hitting the “Medibles” Cannabis Dispensary. The police were unable to capture the robbers, asking the public for assistance with identifying the criminals.

The Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market attack is the second in two weeks in Shannonville, and police are on high alert for future robberies targeting dispensaries.

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