The Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

The Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

The Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

In recent years, big changes have been made in the smoking industry. Due to concerns made by consumers regarding safety, adjustments have occurred in regard to testing and regulating products. In response to the concerns that have been made by smokers, regulators are doing more in-depth assessments for impurities every step of the way. Due to these demands, manufacturers came up with a solution: the hemp wick. This device was specially designed to reduce the risk of exposure to dangerous compounds that are often used in lighters.

What is Hemp Wick? It’s a product that’s made of natural fibres of the hemp plant. Not only are these fivers organic, but they’re highly durable, and are extremely safe. When the hemp fibres are braided into a rope-like cord, their strength and durability is further reinforced. The hemp cord has to be thick enough so that it burns slowly and in a controlled manner; however, it shouldn’t be so thick that the lighter has a difficult time igniting a flame, or that the flame becomes too large to manage. When the braided cord is sized just right, the Hemp Wick lighter produces a flame that burns at a consistent rate and that is much easier for the user to manage. The fibres are often coated in an organic beeswax, too, which insulates the cord, thus ensuring that the size or the speed of the flame won’t increase and that it burns at a low temperature.

How to Use Hemp Wick

Hemp Wick is as easy to use as a standard lighter. Start by holding a length of Hemp Wick that measures approximately 6 to 8 centimetres in your fingers. Once the hemp cord is positioned in your fingers, ignite the end of the wick with a butane lighter and a small, low-temperature, controlled flame will develop and travel down the length of the rope. Lastly, hold the flame on the hemp fibres to the end of herb-packed rolling papers or bowl and inhale. The flame the Hemp Wick generates acts just like the flame that a butane lighter produces, with one major difference: you won’t be inhaling the toxic chemicals that a butane lighter contains, which means you won’t be exposed to potentially dangers health effects. It is important to note, however, that the flame on a Hemp Wick may remain lit after you have finished using it. Putting out the flame is easy, though; simply shake the wick and the flame will blow out.

To control the length of your Hemp Wick, you can wrap it around an object, such as the lighter that you’ll be using to ignite it. Some smokers use a little device known as a Quik Wikk Mini to control the length of their Hemp Wick. This devise is similar to a small spool that is made of plastic. You can wrap your wick around the spool, creating a neat, orderly, and easy to manage bundle. Wrapping the Hemp Wick into a spool offers a distinct benefit over wrapping it around a lighter. When wrapped around a lighter, the beeswax that the hemp fibres are coated with generate friction and can rub off, which can damage the integrity of the wick. By spooling the wick around the Quick Wikk Mini, you won’t have to worry about the beeswax rubbing off, and as a result, your natural fibre wick will not only remain neat and tidy, but it will also remain durable and will create a reliable flame.

You can also use a hemp wick dispenser; there are many different styles from glass to plastic. The Black Leaf Hemp Wick Dispenser is made from borosilicate glass so it is heat proof and features a ground glass joint to hold the lid on. They are a handy little device as the can stand on their own and this will allow you to easily light the wick before picking it up the dispenser, as they are made from clear glass you can also see how much wick you have left at any moment,

Why Should Smokers Use Hemp Wick Instead of a Standard Butane Lighter?

Why should smokers consider trading in a traditional butane lighter for a Hemp Wick? While it is true that using the Hemp Wick does require a bit more effort; however, considering the health benefits it offers, the extra effort is certainly worthwhile. Each time you ignite a butane lighter, gas is expelled into the air at a consistent flow rate, and the sparks that the flint creates quickly ignite that gas. As you place the lighter over the end of your herb-packed rolling papers or bowl and inhale, the smoke your herb creates isn’t the only thing you’ll inhale; you will also inhale some of the burnt butane. Not only can the butane you inhale alter the flavor of the herbs you’re smoking, but the toxic substances that it contains have the potential to have adverse effects on your respiratory system, including your lungs, pharynx, trachea, larynx, bronchus, and even your nostrils and mouth.

Since the Hemp Wick is made of all-natural organic hemp fibres and it’s coated in organic beeswax, you won’t have to contend with any of the adverse impacts that a butane lighter can cause. You’ll be able to enjoy the full flavor profile of the herb you’re smoking, and you won’t be exposed to any harmful contaminants that butane contains. In short, if you want to make the most of your smoking experience, using the Hemp Wick over a butane lighter would be highly worth your while. While it is known that smoking of any kind does pose adverse health risks, using the Hemp Wick can eliminated the additional hazards that are caused as a result of exposure to the toxic chemicals used in butane lighters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amount of Hemp Wick should I purchase?

The approximate burn time of Hemp Wick is roughly 1 centimetre for each hit. Because it burns slowly, a short amount can last a while. Purchasing an amount that would be equivalent to a standard butane lighter (about 90cm / 3 feet) should be suitable.

Is there any odour?

Because it’s made of natural materials, Hemp Wick should not produce any odour.

Will Hemp Wick improve the smoking experience?

Since it doesn’t contain toxic materials or generate any taste, and since it burns a smaller flame, smoking with Hemp Wick can enhance the smoking experience.

Does Hemp Wick expire?

No, Hemp Wick will not expire. It has an exceptionally long shelf life, and unless it is damaged, it should be usable for an indefinite period of time. 

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