Storz & Bickel New Mighty+ Vaporizer Features

Storz & Bickel New Mighty+ Vaporizer Features

Everyone knows the legendary "Volcano" vaporizer. Ever since its release, Storz & Bickel became a household name in vaporizer technology. The brand has come a long way over the last twenty years of operations, branching out from its traditional desktop vaporizer models into the compact and portables market.

The "Mighty" was Storz & Bickel's first compact and portable unit. However, even though it is technically still a portable device, it's still a hefty piece of tech. The Mighty debuted back in 2014, and Storz & Bickel fans have eagerly awaited the promised upgraded version.

Patience paid off when Storz & Bickel released the Mighty+ vaporizer at the end of September. This model comes with several significant upgrades over the original Mighty device, including a ceramic-coated vaporizing chamber, USB-C charging compatibility, and a 60-second startup time to firing, with a new boost mode feature to get things cooking quickly.

This model differs to the original Mighty in that it comes with feet for standing the vape upright on a table. The Mighty is the perfect balance between compact form and table-top design. It's not the ideal model for taking with you on a road trip, but it's good for a visit to a friend's house.

The highly anticipated release of the Mighty+ has fans itching to get their hands on this vape. This model comes with energy-saving certification. Storz & Bickel manages to get UL certification for the device, giving it the highest safety rating a vape can hope to achieve.

The Mighty+ model is the first vape to conform to the UL8139 certification standard for safety. As a result, the Mighty+ is officially the first vape model to carry the UL seal. The certification is a big deal for Storz & Bickel. The company wanted to separate itself from the competition with the Mighty and Volcano vapes registered as medical devices.

The nod from the UL certification states that the Mighty+ and its components comply with all testing parameters set by the certifying authority. These standards cover the function of the battery, the heating time and the electrical components of the device.

The New Features of the Mighty+ from Storz & Bickel

The new features in the Mighty+ from Storz & Bickel come from the company's feedback from users of the original Mighty device.

This version of the Mighty utilizes USB-C charging for faster charging times. As a result, you get an 80% charge of the device from zero in just 40-minutes.

The Mighty+ also comes with faster heating times, with the ceramic oven heating up to temperature in just 60-seconds. Hitting the power button three times in quick succession activates the boost mode, allowing hotter vaping temperatures without adjusting the temperature itself. You get an instant 15C (59F) boost to the oven temperature when hitting the boost feature on the Mighty+.

The ceramic oven offers faster heating and easier cleaning than the original Mighty. One of the drawbacks is the retention of the bright LCD from the original model. Some users complain that the backlit display is too bright in dimly lit rooms, and it's challenging to see outdoors in the direct sunlight.

Storz & Bickel didn't appear to make any changes to the exterior housing of the Mighty+ from the original. The only real difference is the addition of feet to the base of the vape for better stability. The original Mighty could not stand upright on its own, and this fix seems to solve the problem.

The Mighty+ also uses a plastic top-mounted cooling chamber, which is interesting since most competitors are moving from plastic components to glass or ceramic. Lytwynec states the design and construction of the Mighty+ features a new polymer, allowing the device to achieve medical certification.

Storz & Bickel state that they are aware of aftermarket accessories for the Mighty. Still, they feel the current configuration in the Mighty+ offers them the best chance to receive the medical certification they need for the device range.

Other Updates to the Storz & Bickel Range

Storz & Bickel are ready to release updates on a few of their current vape models. The Crafty++ is another upgrade coming to market at the same time as the Mighty+. Essentially, it's a smaller version of the Mighty+ and the better choice for portable use.

The Crafty+ also benefits from many of the new tech upgrades found in the Mighty+. The company is also planning on releasing a new version of the Volcano, with a scratch-resistant matte-black coating that's a change from the traditional silver housing found on the Volcano models.

Storz & Bickel continue to change to the game in vape technology. While this upgrade to the Mighty might not seem like much, there are plenty of changes to the tech that make it worth the investment. If you're looking for a top-shelf vape, the Mighty+ offers you one of the best choices on the market.

The 2021 updated Crafty + has not had a name change and this may make things confusing for consumers, we have already noticed some reviewers giving the updated Crafty+ the name of Crafty++ which would have been a great help to future buyers.

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