Six Things You Can Use As A Carb Cap In A Pinch

Six Things You Can Use As A Carb Cap In A Pinch

We all know the importance of a carb cap in our smoking experience. Getting the most out of your extracts requires perfect heat manipulation.

A carb cap allows you to control the heat across the surface of the banger, giving you bigger rips and complete vaporization of your legal herbal extracts.

If you’re keen on a dabbing session but you left your carb cap at home, here are six things you can use in a pinch.

#1 The Grinder

If you need a carb cap, you can always grab your grinder for a temporary replacement. The flat surface on the grinder base acts exactly like a carb cap, giving you a clutch over the air entering the banger.

However, we recommend you use an aluminium grinder for your carb cap replacement. Using plastic grinders could cause damage to the tool, and the plastic could melt into your concentrate. Fortunately, respectable smokers will have a titanium or aluminium grinder to suit the process.

We would suggest using a herb grinder that is not coloured and definitely do not use painted grinders as the pain will burn and release potentially toxic fumes.

#2 The Silicone Stash Jar

If you’re a dabbing enthusiast, you probably take your concentrate everywhere with you in a silicone stash jar. These small sphere-shaped stash jars are also suitable for a make-shift carb cap.

Silicone is heat resistant, and it won’t melt like plastic. The silicone won’t heat up and burn your fingers when clutching the dab rig.

Although we have listed this as an option, we do not recommend using silicone products as carb caps, unless you are measuring the temperature of the quartz you really have no idea how hot it is and it might be too hot for the silicone.

#3 Small Glass Jar

If you have a small glass jar holding your legal herbs, you can use this for a temporary carb cap. You’ll need to use a smaller jar, and the underside of the jar gives you the perfect cover of the banger or nail.

However, make sure the legal herbs are out of the jar before you use it; the heat could ruin your legal herbs.

#4 Glass Bowl

If you’re at home and your bong is sitting on the coffee table, you can always grab the glass bowl as a replacement for your carb cap.

Glass bong bowls/cones are a great replacement. You can hold the glass downstem to keep the heat away from your fingers and give you more control over the carb function.

However, make sure you’re using a glass piece and not an aluminium model.

#5 Glass Bottles

If you have a glass bottle sitting on the counter or coffee table, put it to work as your temporary carb cap.

The stem of the bottle also lets you get better control over the surface when clutching the banger or nail.

#6 Spare Domes

Dabbers might have old rigs lying around with glass vapour domes. You can use the dome as a make-shift carb cap for your smoking session.

Now you have a reason to get together all those old domes you have lying around.

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