Single Vs Multi Hole Cones/Bowls for Your Bong

Single Vs Multi Hole Cones/Bowls for Your Bong

You take a deep rip on the bong and wait for the ash to pop through the hitter into the water chamber. After exhaling a cloud that looks like your breathing out wildfire smoke, you take a look at the water. There's pieces of un-burned herb and plenty of ash floating in the chamber.

You just cleaned your bong, and now it's halfway filthy again, but what are you going to do? It is what it is, right? Ripping on the bong comes with dirty water; it's part of the parcel.

What if there was a way to ensure you burn all your legal herbs in the cone piece while preventing less ash from exiting the bowl into the water?

Single Vs Multi-Hole Bowls for Your Bong

Most bongs on the market feature a single hole cone piece; it's the industry standard and has been since the introduction of the first glass pieces decades ago.

The popularisation of legal herb culture led to many product innovations over the last few years, including changes to the bowl and downstem. Multiple-holed cones offer you a different bowl for your bong. These cones come with two, three, five, or more holes instead of a single exit for the ash.

The result is that more ash remains in the bowl instead of in the water. You'll also ensure you burn through all the plant material in the bowl during your hit, increasing the intensity of each hit.

Almost every bong enthusiast stays with the multi-hole bowl after giving it a try.

Multi-hole bongs come in two styles, pinched and screened.

Screened bowls typically have a screen glass-welded into the joint and funnel of the bowl. This low-maintenance style requires the user to clear the holes after each session.

Pinched cones come with hot glass driven into the base of the bowl, creating a funnel shape using a graphite tool. The glassblower creates three to four pushes inside the cone funnel to create a multi-hole slide.

The more holes, the higher the airflow, and most smokers agree that the pinched design provides a better experience when ripping the bong.

How Many Holes Do I Need in a Multi-Hole Bowl?

When investing in a multi-hole bowl, you'll need to decide on how many holes you want in the bowl. Glass cone pieces with more holes increase the oxygen flow around the herbs when burning, giving a much hotter smoke than a traditional single-hole bowl.

Typically, pinched slides come in three and four-hole versions, and it's mostly down to personal preference in which one you choose for your next smoking session. Buy both and check out which one you prefer ripping on.

Screened slides are another option, with up to seven to nine holes in the screen. The user gets high airflow and easy ripping. However, the increase in holes quantity does make it a bit more of a hassle when cleaning.

Try a multi-hole bowl for your bong, and you'll never go back. It's an inexpensive upgrade, available in various sizes and designs, with many colour and style options to suit your smoking experience and the look of your favourite glass piece.

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