Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones are the new Tobacco Free Blunts

Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones are the new Tobacco Free Blunts

Tobacco-free, organic, and all-natural rolling papers and blunt wraps are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. Smoking tobacco is a tired habit, and it comes with plenty of health risks. Chances are you moved to dry legal herbs to get away from tobacco, and rolling up in a tobacco skin could re-ignite your habit, causing a relapse.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical, and something as harmless as smoking a blunt wrap could end up with you going back to a pack a day. Even if you’re not an ex-smoker and you never touched tobacco in your life, smoking blunt wraps is something you should avoid.

The nicotine in tobacco blunt wraps alters the experience you get when smoking your favourite legal dry herbs. It changes the flavour profile, the aroma, and the nature of the hit as you inhale.

Tobacco-free blunt wraps are the way of the future and your ticket away from nicotine dependency.

Pre-Rolled King Palm Wraps – A New Evolution in Wraps and Cones

When it comes to smoking the highest-quality blunt wraps and cones, one brand sticks out – King Palm. This company uses top-shelf Cordia Palm leaves for its wraps, providing you with a smoking experience that enhances the flavour and aroma of your legal dry herbs.

King Palm gets its leaves from Cordia Palm farms across Southeast Asia. They ensure they use sustainable farming and harvesting methods, with no insecticides or chemical fertilisers used to cultivate the plant.

King Palm blunt wraps come with filter tips included, featuring corn husk materials and flavour beads to enhance the taste of the smoke without altering the taste of the Cordia leaf or your natural dry legal herbs. There are no additives, no glue, and no stress when you take on a King Palm blunt wrap.

King Palm blunt wraps offer you a smooth smoke with no harshness on the back of the throat. They burn slow, producing less waste when compared to tobacco blunt wraps.

We love the pre-rolled King Palm cones, featuring a pack of perfectly rolled cones ready for filling. There’s no messing around trying to get the blunt to stick and no chance of rolling a banana-shaped blunt with your King Palm. You get the perfect shape and form factor with every pre-rolled cone.

Why Cordia Leaf Blunt Wraps?

So, why did King Palm go with Cordia leaves over other plant materials for its wraps? The reality is that the Cordia Palm plays a significant role in the life of South-eastern Asian communities. As native to Hawaii and Southeast Asia, the Cordia Palm represents a hub of economic activity for many industries.

The leaves of the Cordia palm have a role in traditional medicine, and it even produces a natural dye used in textile manufacturing. Islanders make canoes out of tree trunks and other wooden items like cutlery and crockery.

After reviewing several leaves for its wraps, King Palm settled on the Cordia leaf for its slow-burning properties and the lack of flavour it introduces into the smoking materials. As a result, you get a blunt wrap that lets you savour every gram of your legal dry herbs.

A Sustainable Blunt Wrap

King Palm uses sustainable harvesting methods to remove the mature leaves while leaving the plant to recover from the harvest.

All King Palm products feature rigorous quality testing to its world-class standards of purity. And the company uses third-party testing on all its products to ensure the highest standards of quality.

King Palm Tobacco-Free Leaf Wraps

King Palm pre-rolled cones and blunt wraps come with an all-leaf design and no chemicals, additives, or artificial ingredients. King Palm rolls and cures the leaves after harvest and ships them to its factory in California for processing.

The King Palm cones and wraps have a distinct, heavyweight feel that’s more similar to a cigar skin than your conventional tobacco blunt wrap.

Since they have no tobacco, you don’t have to worry about the associated health risks associated with tobacco use. There’s also no nicotine in the wrap, meaning no chance for relapse into smoking or no nicotine stimulation when smoking.

The blunts come with a ready to roll design and a packing tool to build a tight blunt. You get plenty of sizing options with RolliesMinisSlimsKings, and XLs. The smallest cones house 0.5-grams, with the XL’s taking up to 3-grams and the XXL housing up to 5-grams of your favourite dry legal herbs.

King Palm Corn Husk Filter Tips

Every King Palm pre-rolled blunt wrap comes with a corn husk filter tip. The tip helps to cool and smooth out the smoke before it enters your lungs. The tips are all-natural and non-GMO, grown in organic farms, giving you a sustainable alternative to traditional filter tips.

The filter tips of the flavoured King Palm range come with cooling and flavour beads infused into the materials. Just bite down or squeeze the tip to release the flavour beads and enhance your smoke. King Palm includes a tip with every pre-rolled cone, and the company also sells the tips separately for your paper joints and other blunt wraps.

The terpene-infused filter tips offer you a different alternative to the traditional flavoured blunt wraps. You get all the flavour, Without it overpowering the taste and aroma of your legal dry herbs. The tips come in nine flavours, including our favourites; Watermelon Wave, Vanilla Vibe, and Berry Terps.

The Future of Pre-Rolled Leaf Cones

King Palm is one of the fastest-growing brands in pre-rolled blunt wraps. With celebrities and influencers getting on the King Palm bandwagon, we can expect this brand to grow exponentially in coming years to become the leader in the space.

Give it a few years, and we think King Palm will be the new benchmark in high-quality blunt wraps and cones for your smoking sessions.

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